Newsletter 2 – November 22nd, 2017

Scagel SPF30

We are Kha Group, international Group of Companies working in Joint Venture. Our mission is to distribute innovative Healthcare products in Thailand (ASEAN) and Italy (EUROPE). Most of you already know us,
We created this weekly newsletter, now at its 2nd issue, to give you information on markets and innovative products. Take a look on our news. If you want to know more, simply click on the picture and you will read the full article. And, in case this isn’t enough, just contact us. We are your business partners.

Newsletter 1 – November 15th, 2017

Capsaicin Gel - Kha Group

Welcome to first edition of GO ASIA. Your magazine is dedicated to professionals and entrepreneurs in Healthcare and Medical Devices sector. We are a group of companies working in Joint-venture to facilitate the exchange of products, know-how and technology between ASEAN and EUROPE. You might be aware about the bottlenecks between East and West: they are mainly legal, cultural and communicative. You can bypass these barriers with us. You will expand your market easily and quickly, exploiting all the opportunities that a 1 billion people global market can give you.