We propose an innovative Export model that guarantees good sales performance and maximizes the profits of the companies involved. Recently, foreign manufacturers have no longer access to distributive chains according to the old model. KHA GROUP is able to set up a company under THAI law, single or consortium, with its own warehouse and logistics, in order to allow Italian manufacturers to be able to localize and distribute directly in the Thai market, maximizing control, sales and profit. KHA GROUP in addition to taking care of the corporate constitution and to organize the logistic services, has its own Regulatory department,which would provide all the permits from the FDA of Thailand.

We produce customized projects and budgets for the company / and with the detail of:

  • Actions
  • Time of realization
  • Costs (Constitutive and Management)


Thailand, a land full of intense aromas and flavors, of a culinary tradition far from the West, but much appreciated by travelers from all over the world. Despite the cultural and food distance, wine in Thailand is having a growing response. In particular, in recent years a new lifestyle has been spreading, linked to the consumption of wine, in particular red wine. This new trend has penetrated the Thai market and has met a great openness on the part of consumers.

The Food sector in Thailand is certainly one of the most promising and rapidly growing. Forecasts for the next few years are extremely positive: + 36% in food consumption, 65 billion US $ in 2019 In 2017, imported products accounted for about 40% of the entire Food & Beverage market. More than 350 Italian restaurants in Bangkok, 1000 in Thailand. It is always easier to find Italian products on supermarket shelves.

Considering GDP per capita with equal purchasing power, Thailand is a medium-high income country. The capital Bangkok (which has about 14.5 million inhabitants) and the large urban centers have an ever-expanding middle-high class, this class has a purchasing power equal, if not higher, to the middle-high classes of Western countries more industrialized ..