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KHA GROUP is a Group of Business Development for Companies operating in Healthcare and Medical Devices sector.  

Our MISSION is crystal clear: we distribute your products and expand your markets in Healthcare sector.

A company willing to enter in Thai and ASEAN Market must face bureaucracy and bottlenecks that starts from the opening of a local unit or estabilishing a Company, strictly necessary to register the products in Thai FDA; then, it must connect with the right partners or distributors.

We are able to do all this work for you, avoiding having to open a company in the Country.


Nicola Milano – EU Director

Nicola Milano Kha Group

KHA GROUP is a Group of Companies operating in Healthcare sector, with complementary core businesses: marketing, sales, distribution, import/export, logistics and regulatory.

Kha Group has a strong multicultural background, international management and branches in Thailand and Italy, with a deep knowledge of ASEAM market dynamics. All our projects are “ready-to-go”, in order to avoid you all the issues and obstacles coming from cultural barriers and different regulations between Countries.

ASEAN is the Association of South-East Asia Nations: an economycal, political, cultural organization of Countries located in South East Asia.
Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Brunei, Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar, Cambodia are part of it. Total Population is around 610 million people, producing a consolidated GDP of around 2.280 billion Dollars. GDP growth in ASEAN Market in 2015 was 5.2%.

Today ASEAN can be seen as the third major emerging market in the world, after China and India. An always growing number of Company from all over the world is looking at this area with increasing interest.

Medical Devices Market in ASEAN is growing 10% per year. 80% of its products are imported. It’s an under-exploited market for European Companies.

Surachai Siripoonpaiboon – HBU Manager

Medical devices Market in ASEAN grows 10% per year. 80% of products are imported. Interior demand is generated by salary and life standards increase. Healthcare and Medical Devices Markets in ASEAN area has grown from 2 billion USD in 2012 to 15 billion USD in 2017.

Actually ASEAN Medical Devices Market is under-exploited, and offers real opportunities to foreign companies able to manage issues deriving from different cultural background and different laws and regulations in force in Thailand and nearby Countries. 

Kha Group Medical Devices

A correct Business Model

is the KEY for your success

Traditional Business Model “the distributor buys and sell my brand – my profit comes from distributor and not from the market” is definitely obsolete and not acceptable anymore in Asia. Thai Companies hardly will buy a product not registered yet and not stocked on the Territory, ready to be sold. The majority of times a local firm will sign a distribution agreement and will place a small “trial order”with the sole intention of blocking you and controlling your activities as competitor.

Such a model will not generate any sales nor profit, and generally it will ends with the withdrawal from the market of the product, causing huge losses.

Model we are proposing is your direct penetration on the market, with a total control on Brand, Customers and sales.It’s distribution network to be flexible and tuned to YOUR PRODUCT and not vice-versa. Licenses are strongly held in your hands, thanks to our License Holding Program.

Diego Sala Kha Group

“In ASEAN traditional Business Model is obsolete and not workable anymore. Manufacturer must challenge the market by keeping the full control of its product. Profit comes from Market, not from Distributor”

Diego Sala – Project Manager

How we operate


Preliminary Interview – Gathering of basic information – Elaboration of a bespoke project


Product localization – Thai FDA Pre-check – Product registration – License Holding


Network organization – Warehousing – Distribution – Credit Collection

Import, Distribution, Logistics, Regulatory. We do it all.

Kha Group is your partner in Healthcare product logistics. Kha Group offers to foreign companies the service of Logistics and Distribution in Thailand, including warehousing in our own venues.

This service is expressly designed for new products, market test, and start-up companies. You’ll be free to decide how long your contract will be, and in that period be focused only on sales and clients support.

“We take care of relations with the authorities, register your products, manage compliance. For the client it is like having a local unit, but without the problems that this would entail”

Jarinya Wingchun – Regulatory & Compliance

We take care of:

  • Custom clearance
  • Primary transport and warehousing
  • Warehousing at controlled temperature and moisture (on request)
  • Sales network organization and management
  • Deliver to your clients on your or their request
  • Documentation and invoicing
  • Returns management
  • Post-sales activities
  • Customer care service

For you, it will be like having a local unit in Thailand, without any additional issue or added costs.

You’ll receive udpates, information, reports, at regular intervals, and all you’ll have to do will be to take care of your sales.

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