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KHA GROUP is a Group of Business Development for Companies operating in Healthcare and Medical Devices sector.  

Our MISSION is crystal clear: we distribute products and expand markets in Healthcare sector.

If you are a Thai company looking to export your products, or looking to import hi-tech products from abroad, you will face bureaucracy and bottlenecks that starts from communicative difficulties to the localization of the product. Then you will need consultancy for registering your product abroad or getting the correct requirements from manufacturers.

We are able to support you in this job, and we can propose you the right solution for your business.


Nicola Milano – EU Director

Nicola Milano Kha Group

KHA GROUP is a Group of Companies operating in Healthcare sector, with complementary core businesses: marketing, sales, distribution, import/export, logistics and regulatory.

Kha Group has a strong multicultural background, international management and branches in Thailand and Italy, with a deep knowledge of market dynamics. We have direct connections with foreign distributors and manufacturers, so if you are looking to import hi-tech products or to sell your products, we are your right choice.

Thailand is importing 80% of medical devices on its market. Most of them are produced in Europe and USA. Call us at 098 2143068 and explain us which product you want to add to your portfolio. We’ll find it for you between our manufacturers network. Many foreign companies are waiting this opportunity!

As well, Thailand, our Country, is one of the stronger producer of natural cosmetics, and Natural food supplements, that are in high demand in Europe. Why don’t take this opportunity and export your products? Just call us, at 098 2143068 and ask for a meeting with our marketing manager. We will give you the solution.

Thailand is importing 80% of medical devices on its market. Most of them are produced in Europe and USA. Call us at 098 2143068 and explain us which product you want to add to your portfolio. We’ll find it for you in our manufacturers network

Bangon Tisan – Business Development Manager

Bangon Tisan - Business Development Kha Group

A correct Business Model

is the KEY for your success


Traditional Business Model “the distributor buys and sell my brand – my profit comes from distributor and not from the market” is definitely obsolete and not acceptable anymore. Foreign Companies will hardly deal with a company simply aiming to make profit on them. Normally the relationship will stall and terminate after the first proposal.

Relationship must be carried on following international rules.

Such a model will not generate any sales nor profit, and generally it will ends with the withdrawal from the market of the product, causing huge losses.

Model we are proposing is your direct penetration on the market, with a total control on your Brand and Sales. We will make your business successful thanks to our knowledge and our network of international companies in Europe, USA participating our Export support Program.

Diego Sala Kha Group

“The traditional Business Model is obsolete and not workable anymore. Manufacturer must challenge the market by keeping the full control of its product. Profit comes from Market, not from Distributor”

Diego Sala – Project Manager

How we operate


Preliminary Interview – Gathering of basic information – Elaboration of a bespoke project


Product localization – Pricing – Marketing strategy


Product promotion Export support –  Documentation editing – Market feedback

Export, Promotion, Customer care, Regulatory. We do it all.


Kha Group is your partner in Healthcare product import/export from Thailand. Kha Group offers to Thai companies the service of Supplier scouting, Export support and Regulatory in Europe.

This service is suitable for new products, market test, consolidated companies willing to grow, and start-ups. You’ll be free to decide how long your contract will be, and in that period be focused only on sales and clients support.

“We take care of relations with the customers, register your products, manage compliance. For the client it is like having a local unit, but without the problems that this would entail”

Jarinya Wingchun – Regulatory & Compliance

 We take care of:


  • Marketing and communication
  • Product localization
  • Customers/distributors scouting
  • Sales management
  • Customer care
  • Export documentation support
  • Post-sales activities
  • Customer care

For you, it will be like having a local unit in abroad, without any additional issue or added costs.

You’ll receive udpates, information, reports, at regular intervals, and all you’ll have to do will be to take care of your sales.

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