One Stop Service for ecommerce in Thailand

One Stop Service for ecommerce in Thailand

Kha Group tested and launched the service of One Stop Service for ecommerce, dedicated to companies producing food supplements, cosmetics and medical devices, allowing them to sell DIRECTLY in Thailand through Kha Group as license holder.

This channel has been so far inhibited to foreign entities since these product categories are subject to Thai FDA license and import permit, and the cross-border e-sales for such products are illegal in all ASEAN area.

How One Stop Service for ecommerce works?

  • Kha Group and the manufacturer sign an agreement of License holding/master distribution
  • Kha Group registers the products in Thai FDA
  • A web shop page (and, on request, a website with extension) is opened and promoted by Kha Group Marketers
  • The manufacturer sends a first batch of product, Kha Group clears the custom and store in it’s warehouse
  • Consumers place orders and send payment to Kha Group, that deliver the product and pays back the manufacturer monthly or forthnightly.
  • Kha Group manages the post sales activity and the returns
One Stop Service for ecommerce

What are advatages of One Stop Service?

Advantages are clear: the manufacturer penetrates in the market IMMEDIATELY, with a margin of profit that is nearly double compared to the traditional distribution channel (thorugh local distributor). Investment is quite the same, and it is mostly in the product certification, that guarantee a full strategical autonomy to the manufacturer.
But, most important, SALES START IMMEDIATELY. Within 3 months the product will be licensed and available online on major platforms (Lazada, Shopee, Amazon, etc.)

What does the manufaturer has to do?

Nothing. Just decide the strategy, the sales target and provide the product.

Kha Group will store it in its warehouse and deliver to consumers, managing the payment.

Service is available since october 2019, in partnership with Siam Trade Development, Kerry Express, Thai Post, Bangkok Bank and SCB Bank.

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