KHA GROUP Thailand

Kha Group is a group of International Companies working in Joint-venture. It’s scope is to develop Healthcare Market between Europe and ASEAN countries by using skills and know-how of different companies, everyone focusing in different complimentary sectors: production, import/export, distribution, logistics, innovation, research, marketing.

In Kha Group we can find innovative products, or place them in a new Country through and exclusive distributor. We can work on product innovation, producing or finding something actually not present on the market but with high chance of success.

We can distribute in Thailand medical Devices with dedicated business units, and we can import to Europe herbal products not yet available on the market. 4 companies, with different knowledge. At your service!


Kha Bangkok Co., Ltd.

Market – Procurement


KHA BANGKOK Co.,Ltd. is a business organization whose scope is to support its clients to expand their market in Healthcare, Food Supllements and Medical Devices sector. When a Company wants to enter in Thai and ASEAN market, has to face a lot of bureaucracy starting from the opening of a local unit. Kha Bangkok is your business partner for Thailand.

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Siam Trade Development

Project Management – Regulatory


Born as a Consulting Company, Siam Trade Development founded Kha Group together with Kha Bangkok. Its main focus is coordinate and manage projects with/for customers and move the products, taking care of Compliance and Regulatory.

Where a project starts, Siam Trade Development is there.

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Legal & Commercial Service Int. Co., Ltd.

Legal, Compliance and Corporate Services


Legal & Commercial Services International Co., Ltd., was established in 1996 by one Thai and four Italian partners as a legal advising firm in Bangkok and now also with a branch office in Phuket to support Italian, Thai and Russian entrepreneurs intending to operate in South East Asia. We are one of the first legal advice or assistance service of its kind in Thailand.

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Perkin Logistics Thailand

Perkin Logistics
Shipping and Custom Clearance

Born as a Family Business, it expanded in last years to a high profile shipping agent, managing International Freights by Air, Sea, and Land. It has connections to all ASEAN countries and major countries in Europe Oceania and America.

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Perkin Transport Thailand


Perkin Transport
Supply Chain Management

Former transport company that is now an independent organization managing the entire Supply Chain for third parties. Perkin has own warehouses, trucks and drivers to Guarantee the maximum efficiency to its International Clients

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Easy Wine italian food

Easy Wine
Food & Wine Distribution

Compani located in Thonburi (Bangkok), specialist in wine and food distribution through Ho.Re.Ca channel and B2C. With its own network of messengers, Easy Wine guarantee the delivery in Bangkok within one hour. It has distributors in major cities.

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Porntip Kha-en

Pornthip Kha-en

Ms. Kha-en is the president of the group. She participate daily to the activities, and she’s always informed. Porntip is married and has two beautiful daughters; she spent many years in Italy before going back to Thailand, her country, where she’s enthusiastic to support the fast growth of the country.
Porntip speaks Thai, English, Italian.

Diego Sala
Project Manager

Living in Thailand since 2015, married, one lovely stepdaughter. 15 years experience in moving goods and products around the world, former CEO of Companies in Italy, Turkey, USA, Albania and experience as consultant/advisor for several Iranian and Chinese Companies. This is his last project before retirement, as he definitely settled down in Ayutthaya, Thailand. In the group, he’s the one who always find a solution for every problem.

Nicola Milano Kha Group

Nicola Milano
EU Market Director

Heart and soul of the Group, Nicola is the indiscussed leader of the project. Nicola has a 38 years experience with several Primary Multinational Corporates in Europe. Last year he decided to move to Thailand and launch this ambitious project together with Diego. He’s based in Khon Kaen with his family and he manages Business Partners in Europe. He’s the one who always find the right Company for a product and the right product for a Company.


Jarinya Wingchun

100% Thai from Petchabun, quiet city in the central area of Thailand. Graduated in Business Administration and pluriennial experience in food sector, she covered all the postions related to Procurement, Warehouse, Purchasing, QC for Thai and Foreign Companies. Shareholder of Siam Trade Development, she is the responsible of Regulatory Services. In the group, she’s the one who put rationality in front of emotions and always influence the final decision with a good advice.

Bangon Tisan - Business Development Kha Group

Bangon Tisan (Nina)
Mass Market - Retail

Bangon (NIna) is our last entry. She comes from marketing sector. with high experience in customer accounting and communication.

Nina is in charge of mass market, being the responsible for market development of our partners. She’s Thai, living in Khon Kaen, and a good traveller. She speaks English and Thai.


Surachai Siriponpaiboon
HBU Manager

30 years experience in Medical Devices and Hospital Business Unit make Surachai our outsider. He’s the expert in his sector, his first impression on a product/service never fail. He is one of the founder of the group, and the main maker of its growth. He’s Thai, from Nakhon Ratchasima, and he loves travelling. He’s a great golf player. In the group he’s the guru for products; sometimes his opinion worth more than a market research.

Key account manager

Working as personal assistant of our Office Manager, Jarinee (SIne) is every day in touch with the daily activity of the Group. Sine is the key connection between our Partners and Thai Authorities, in particular Thai FDA. Jarinee is energic, fast learning and really precious for Kha Group. She lives in Pathum Thani with her family.

Elizabete Suarez

Business Development

Elizabete origins are half Thai and half from the Philippines. She’s graduated in Business Management and had Customer Care and Business Development experiences in several Companies. She joined us to develop communication and marketing. She’s a frequent traveller and her best partner is her Apple Notebook. She always has the latest… In the group, she’s the once who you never see physically, but you see the results…

Junior Assistant

Graduated in Natural Science, with a relevant experience as Assistant Manager. She has the method, the skill and the attitudes to be a good project manager. She’s assisting the creation of new assets for 2019 and will be included full time in the manegement process very soon. Marky speaks Thai and she’s quickly improving her English.

Nitwaree (Nong Ming)
Junior Assistant

Nitwaree is the youngest member of our team, our best bet. She’s learning and giving her support and her energy to the group. Graduated in Natural Science, her future is to become coordinator of our regulatory team and keeping relationships with FDA

Communication Specialist

Graduated in English Languages, and with an experience as University teacher, Aui supports our Directors with her language skills. She’s in charge of relationships with authorities on behalf of our foreign customers. She works in strict cooperation with Regulatory and Commercial. Professional figures like Aui are basic in our kind of organizations.

Junior Assistant

Good learner and hard worker, Aom is the younger of the group. But she will grow fast. She is our Jolly, supporting Foreign Managers in relations with Government and Authorities. She’s actually also supporting Regulatory being the Front Desk for European Business Partners. She can speak Thai, English and Japanese. Aom is in the group the funny soul in a serious appearance, despite her picture…